Amelia (e)

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My travel blog

Hi I´m Amelia. Me and my best friend Linn have just landed in London on Heathrow airport. Me and Linn is going on a trip in the UK for 1week. This is so exciting! Now I’m going to tell you about when we landed. I was sleeping when we landed. Linn raises me up. I look outside and I see the airport. When we get off the plane Linn said.
-Amelia look, she pointed at the big airport.
-It´s really big!
-I´m hungry, Linn said to me

So we ate at Taco bell. I took a 7 layer burrito and Linn took a bean burrito. After we ate we walked to a clothing store. We looked at the clothes but we didn’t buy anything. Not even the super cute dress. We check in at the Leonardo hotel Heathrow airport 7:45 PM and we stay there for 4 nights on the hotel. It costs 452$. We get the keys and go up to the room. We unpackt our stuff and go to bed.

Day 2

When we wake up we go down and eat breakfast. I’m really excited because today we are going to the Harry Potter museum. But first we eat. I take American pancakes. We go down and take a bus to Warner Bros studio( Harry Potter museum) for 8$ at 10:00 AM. The tickets cost 140$ together. It was so cool we get to see all the clothes and walk on platform 9 ¾  on the tour it was so cool and I bought Hermiones wand. After 1 h and 30 min we walked to the café, I took a donut. After a while it was time to go back to the hotel. We took the bus to the hotel for 8$. When we were back at the hotel at 2:00 PM I walked down to the gym for 1h. When I was done we chilled for a while. After we took some food at the hotel 5.00 PM. When it was 7.00 PM I watched YouTube on my iPad for a while and then fell asleep.

Day 3

When I woke up at 9.30 AM I watched YouTube for a while and walked up to get breakfast. I went to espresso house and ate a warm chocolate and a sandwich + a muffin. Then I took a taxi to madam Tussands for 64$. At 11.00 AM I’m at madam Tussauds. The ticket costs 70$. I walk in there and met fake Justin Bieber and fake One direction. I also met Obama and Mickel Jackson. I have a really good ticket so I got into the Star Wars exhibition and then watched a 4D marvel movie. After I walked around and watched a movie for 2 and a half hours I went to the London eye. It costs 27$ for a fast track ticket. The view is fantastic I can see the Big Ben and Buckingham palace. All the houses looks so small. When I came down after 45 minutes I felt a little hungry. So I go to a little cafe and take a waffle and some smoothie. At 4.00 PM I go back to the hotel and changed my clothes. I took a walk inside Heathrow it’s really cool. At 5.00 PM I took a taxi into London city for 25$. And at 6.00 PM I play some Pokemon go while walking to the theatre on West end. I’m going on a really cool show called “Wicked”, it’s a theatre and it is about what happened in Oz ( the city in the Wizard of Oz ) or as they say “ the untold story about the witches of Oz” and it’s really good. After the show I went to a restaurant called the Ledbury. It’s a really cool restaurant nearby Portobello market and electric cinema. It’s really cool and fancy. After the food I take a fast train to Heathrow and go to sleep.

Day 4

In the morning I wake up and eat breakfast. I take a fast train to Portobello market. I walk there for a while and then walk down to the electric cinema and watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 3D it’s was a really cool experience. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a history about what happened in London before Harry Potter. It was a really good movie. I played some Pokemon go and found a Snorlax and a Ditto. After that I went back to the hotel and packed. I walked to my gate and flew home to Sweden.


Make friends around the world

Hi! My name is Amelia. I live in Sweden on an island called Gotland. I’m born in Sweden but my dad is from Norway so I can speak norweigan . And if you want to you can answer in norweigan. So I’m a half norweigan half swedish girl. I have got a sister too her name is Wilma ,my dads name is Arild and my mothers name is Sanna. I live on a Island called Gotland it’s very warm in the summer and it gets cold in winter. My favorite favourite food is tacos and my favourite youtuber is 2chips1cola. I got so many questiones from you:

What is your name?
Where in norway do you live do you have any sisters our brothers?
How old are you?
Do you like school?
Do you like to ski?
Do you watch Disney Channel?
Do you like to play theatre?
Do you sing or dance?
Do you watch YouTube?
Do you play sims 4?

I hope i be come a musikalartist wenn I grow up. What do you want to be?

Can’t wait till I get an answer!
Bye from Amelia