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My travel blog

I start in the euro queens hotel.

I walked to London eye then i eat dinner. It was very late I’m going back to the hotel. Tomorrow I’m going to see Arsenal West Ham. One ticket cost 400 kr. After the match I’m going to wax museum. Now I’m in the wax museum. It’s very nice in there. I going to take one picture with Michel Jackson. Oh my god that was very funny but it so late now so Im going back to the hotel tomorrow ‘m going to see Arsenal West ham.

Now I’m going to eat breakfast then I’m going to brush my teeth then I’m going to the game. Now I’m on the match Arsenal just did one goal. The game is over now. Im going to eat lunch now then I’m going to ride to the Buckingham palace. Wow that was insane I saw a few soldiers with hand guns. Now I’m just going around and discover new things in London. Tomorrow I’m going to Scotland.

Ahh nice fresh air. Today I’m going to Scotland and the capital Edinburgh. I fly to Edinburgh. I saw a man fire a cannon. I just think why he just fired a cannon random. I asked the man why did you do that. We do that every day at 1 o´clock except on sundays. I don’t know why they not do that on sundays.

I’m going to go drink a coffee. Tomorrow I’m going to the airport I’m going to fly home.


Make friends around the world

Hi Mark!

My name is Charlie. I live in Visby in Sweden. I like to play football. I am 11 years. My family is Max and Annika and Tomas.

Do you like to play football? Where in USA do you live?

What language do you have in your school?

I have Spanish and English and dance. I don’t like pancakes. Do you like that?
What are your parents name?

I Will be a fotboll player⚽️. What do you want to be?

Bye Mark