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It was me, Ina & Lovisa. We had 6000 pounds together. We started in London, the capital of England. It’s a very beautiful city, with a lot of people.  We lived on a beautiful hotel called Novotel London Blackfriars!

In the morning we took a bath in the pool, it was so nice to fresh up. Then we ate our breakfast and I ate pancakes and I drank a lot of tea because in the UK they drink VERY much tea.

I’m so happy to do this trip with my best friends. We walked to the bus station it wasn’t so long to go. We took the bus, which was a doubledecker. It’s very beautiful in the doubledecker. The bus has stopped and we stepped out the bus. Finally we were in front. Wow, I said… oh sorry I didn’t tell you that we were going to Madam Tussauds wax museum. I wished when I grew up that the wax museum would build a doll who looked like me. But back to the trip! So we went in, omg it’s JB and queen Elisabeth. We were too small to go into the torture chamber but we saw  a lot of other things, like Justin Bieber and Taylor

Swift  and a lot of other things that I don’t can’t explain how fantastic it was.

When we were in London we took a bus to London eye. I’m so scared I’m a little bit afraid of heights…. and you know London eye is very high! But it’s was so amazing I regret that I was scared. I can’t explain!

I am going to a concert on my own! And I’m going to a Adele concert! Omg I’m so tagged to go to the concert, but I want to meet her but it’s cost too

much for my budget. Now I’m gonna take the subway system, England was first with the brilliant invention: the subways. After 3 hours on a subway, I’m finally in front of the Adele concert. It’s so cool to know that Adele is “ near “ me….:) now it’s starting I need to go but I’ll tell you later.;) omg I’m not regretting a second of this trip, it has was so funny and… I can’t explain! It’s sick!

Now I’m going to the airport Heathrow and I am  going to take my airplane home. The airport is so big it feels like I’m gonna get lost. Heathrow is one of the biggest airports in England. Now I’m going to my airplane to Sweden and meet my family again.

Now I’m finally in Sweden on Gotland and there are they…. my family! My mom Johanna and my dad Andreas and my annoying little sister Vanessa and also my cute dog Ninja I run fast to them and I clutching all of them I have missed you so much, I said to them. Now I’m home in our apartment and I’m going to sleep a lot..;)  

I wonder if Ina and lovisa are home or still in England? Because I went back on my own to Sweden. Bye bye

Written by: …….. ISSA

Make friends around the world

To Mark

Hola, that’s Spanish for hello. My name is Isabelle I’m 11 years old, how old are you? On my spare time I like to fence, and you? I live in Sweden on an island called Gotland.

I know you live in USA, but what state? I like USA I wanna travel to America. Do you wanna travel to some other country? Do you play some sports ( and not Pokemon go?)

My best friends are Ina, Amelia, the other Amelia, Cornelia, Linn, Lovisa and  Anh. What’s you’re best friends names? I have friends on the mainland and their names are, Oliver, Adrian, Adrienne, Kung, Gustaf, Vincent,  Milton, Carl, and Charlie.

I have a little sister her name is Vanessa. Do you have any brothers or sisters? I like school its funny. I don’t like bullying . What do you like? I have a dog her name is Ninja she’s a Rottweiler . My favourite food is sushi or tacos. I can be a little bit crazy sometimes. My favourite movie is Star Wars.

Now you know some things about me!

Adiós, that’s Spanish for goodbye.