Melker (e)

Muntlig presentation:

My travel blog

Hello my name is Melker to do a travel blog. I start my trip in London I have to start by finding a hotel that I can sleep. I find a hotel i need to pay 100 pounds. Now i am going to sleep.

Day 2
I went to Madame tussaud were I met Ronaldo in a wax doll.

When I was done I went out and I took a taxi and went to a Second World War museum, I was listening to an old man who had been in the Second World War. After I have been at museum I went home and went to sleep.

Day 3
I got up and took a bus to Devon where I surfed  all day long. After I had surfed I went back to my hotel room so I could get my stuff.

Then I went home – that is my travel blog.

Make friends around the world

I live in Sweden. I like to ride dirt bike and play video games my dream country is to go to England again. My mom works on Payex and my dream car is a Lamborghini hurricane with a v10 3.8 litres engine.

What do you like to do on your spare time?

I like to play video games like Rainbow six sige and Call of duty black ops 3.  Both are FPS games like a first person shooter game.