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My travel blog

Hello my name is Nelly and I I’m in London with my best friend Michelle.

Day 1

I’m at the Big Ben and we are going around UK with my best friend Michelle. We want to test how it was to live at their hotels. It is morning and breakfast at the hotel. We have 200 pounds, it is 2000 SEK in Sweden. Me and Michelle went to a spa. It was really really nice. We were there 2 hours and it cost 750 kronor each. 2 days in the UK and me and Michelle are on a Harry potter museum. It’s AWESOME!!! We saw school uniforms on the students. They were cool.

Day 2

I am going to Edinburgh and see their fine castle. Edinburgh Castle stands on the cliff Castle Rock high above city of Edinburgh in Scotland. The Castle´s oldest building is St. Margaret`s Chapel from the 1100s. The Castle was also built in the 1100s. Now I have nothing more to write about what I have done here, but tomorrow me and Michelle are going home to Sweden.



Make friends around the world

Hi! Laurie!

My namn is Nelly and is 11 years old. My family is my littlebrother name are Emil and my mother Tessan and my father Ronny. I like school because you have something to do. I don’t like spiders and sharks…… I live in Gotland in Vibble.

What town do you live in?
What do you like  to do on your spare time?
How old are you?
What is your favourite food in South Africa?
What is your favourite animal in South Africa?
Do you have any siblings?
What do you like about your country and what do you not like.

My wish for the future is I don’t now???

Goodbye Laurie!!!