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My travel blog

It was me at a road trip in Great Britain.

I began the road trip in London, the capital of England. When I was in London I lived in a hotel for 2 nights, the name of the hotel was Euro quince hotel and it cost, 920 kr.

The days in london.

In the morning I walked to the city of the big London. It takes around 30 min from the hotel. Today here in London I will go to the Madame Tussauds museum! It cost 271 kr. I walked in at the entre and looked around and the first I saw was Usain Bolt do his goal celebration and first  thought he was real but after a while I remembered at this was a museum. It was really big and so so many wax puppets in this museum! After a long day here in Madame Tussauds museum I was really tired so I will go home to the hotel. On the way home I saw a big tower. I walked to a man and asked what this is. He tells me, this is a tower called “Elisabeth tower” and had a big clock in the middle of the tower. He also tell me at this tower was built in 1859. I said goodbye and thanks for your help! I took double-decker home to my hotel.

Day 2 in London.

I woke up in the morning, today I will see a football match! I took a shower before I went to the city to see the football match! I took a taxi into the city and it cost around 10,0£ When I was in the city I walked to the big stadium “Emirates”! 12 o’clock the match begins. Today it’s Everton vs Arsenal and it will be so fun. I bought 1 ticket for the match and it cost around 50,0£. It was a really nice match, Arsenal wins with 6-2. Today I will go to another country! The country is called Scotland and it’s also in Great Britain. I took the airplane from London to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It cost 384,37$ I took a taxi from the airport and went to the city of Edinburgh. The taxi cost 30,58£

Day 1 in Edinburgh.

I took a taxi, into the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a really cool city, it’s so many castles! The most famous castle called, Edinburgh castle. And today I will go the the big and famous castle! Oh I lost my mind ha ha, I must live in a hotel for a night! I search for hotels on my phone, direct I find a nice hotel! The name of the hotel was, Motel one Edinburgh-castle. It cost 70,49£. I walked from the hotel, today i will go to the big castle! I walked so much until I saw the big castle. I walked into the entré, I gave the staff some money to look around in the castle, it cost 30,45£. It was bulit in 1100’hundreds! It’s also built of stone.

This is my travel blog, hope you enjoy! 🙂


Make friends around the world

Hi Mark! My name is Uno and I’m 10 years old. I live in Visby the biggest town in Gotland. In my spare-time I play football, I play really much music except piano and drums and I sing too.

I don’t like war, AIK Solna and Hammarby! My favorite football-teams and favorite footballplayers is Djurgården a Swedish team and Real Madrid a Spanish team and my biggest fan is Ronaldo. I love to speak English really much so I want travel to USA or England.

My country is really good and I like to live here! My wish for the future is no war and no bullying. In my family I have a brother and a mom and a dad. I play in IFK Visby a football team we are really good! I have traveled 3 times, Tenerife , Amsterdam & a small town called Kemer in Turkey.

Do you play football Mark? How is it in USA? Here in Sweden it is good! I would like to live in USA but I can’t..:( where in USA do you live?

Bye Mark see you soon!