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My travel blog

Hello my name is William and I’m traveling with my friend Elias. Welcome to my travel blog. We will start in London and  I’m gonna check into the hotel, the hotel’s name is Millennium hotel.

Our first stop will be Big ben (Elisabeth tower). It’s a big tower with a huge clock, which is called Big ben. It’s 96,3 meters high and got built 1859.

Day 2
We’re about to head out to the London eye. It’s huge ferriswheel and it will cost 20 pound so we had 2000 and bought a hotel for 80 pound so we got 1900 left.

Today we we are going to chill and take the bus to the Tower bridge, it’s a huge bridge with two towers in the middle.

Day 4
We’re going to the Shard, is a skyscraper with 72 floors and is made of glass all around except inside the building. It will cost us 250 pound so we got 1650 pound.

Day 5
We’re going on a ride at the ghostbus, it’s a bus that is scary theme and it is a sightseeing so we will see a lot of special houses and after that we’ll test london candy.

Day 6
We’re going to a football match, it’s Manchester City vs Manchester United. The match ended up in 3-3 it will cost 64 pound for the tickets. So we got 1 486 pound.

Day 7
Today we’re going to look for some Pokemons. And after we’re going to a restaurant called L’Anima and it’s 4 stars. And then as a finale we’re going to an arcade.

Day 8
Today we’re going to the electric cinema, it’s a cinema with beds that is in the east of London. 34 pound for 2 tickets.

Day 9
Today we’re just going to a water park called Wilderness in the Ozarks, it’s a huge water park with at least Sevenwater slide.

Bye travel blog, maybe I see u again.


Make friends around the world

My name is William I am 11 years old. My family is my 2 small brothers Gabriel and Elliot and my mum and dad. I also have 2 cats,1 of them is black and fluffy,the other one is white and their name is Nicodemus and Cinamon. I live in Sweden on Gotland. I like to search Pokemons while kick my kick bike and I don’t like mushrooms it is gross and I don’t like vegetables.

How do you live in Japan what do you eat and do on your spare time. I like my country it is nice it is not cold or too hot and it’s a lot of fun things to do here.

My dream is to be good at tricks on kick bike. Is it cold in winter in your country? Or is it hot? What is your favourite food? And what does most people in Japan eat?